F1b Irish Wolfadoodles 2021

Service Dog Homes

1.Dennis M. Kansas Service dog

Pet Homes

Christy P. South Carolina Spring F1 litter

Dayna D. Idaho Spring F1 litter

2.Jeff M. California Female

3.Hope B.Missouri Volhard's

Tanh H. New York Spring F1 litter

Christopher W. Texas Spring F1 Litter

4.Cindy G. California Male

5.Sierra H. Colorado Male

6.Jennifer K. Colorado

Ashley L. California Spring F1 litter Male only

Alexis P. California Waitlist this litter only

Burkley S. Hawaii Waitlist this litter only

4 boys   

black/silver, black/silver, tri-color, brown /white parti

2 girls

sable, tri-color

These pups will be ready to take home after November 30th. Choosing day is November 30th. Clients on the current list may opt to transfer to the next litter on that day.

F1 Masti-Doodle Spring 2022

Breeders reserve/guardian home

1. female

2.Amber P.

Will Call pending confirmation of future pregnancy. If you would like your name on the list please call. No deposit required until pregnancy is confirmed.

3. Jay B. New Jersey

4. Jacob B. Colorado

5. Connie D. Colorado Female

Call to reserve your space in choosing your puppy (970) 456-6604

Visit Instagram and Facebook for videos and photos of current litters

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Please make sure you are committed to the process and understand the time we put into managing our lists and working with clients to keep them all updated and informed.

Transport options:

1.Ground/car There are several online and we know a guy.

2.Flight Nanny such as SkyPetsLLC

3.Cargo may be available again through United Airlines Grand Junction

4.We will meet you in the airport terminal so you can return home with puppy in the cabin with you.

Our closest airport is Grand Junction, CO. Private planes are permitted to fly into Aspen, Rifle or Vail/Eagle.

We will meet you at Denver International Airport for an additional fee. Please coordinate arrival dates with us before you book a flight.


Service Dog Requests:

Many people are in need of canine assistance and we take our placement very seriously. Sadly, we do find that people come to us requesting a service dog because their name will be placed at the top of the list. Keep in mind, service dogs require a lot of your time and training. They need a job and if not given a task they will make their own such as chewing up your couch or barking when left alone. Service dogs need to be with their handler the majority of the day. They are not to be left for hours alone until their owner returns to walk them around the neighborhood. Service dogs need a job and a schedule.

Service dog candidates must provide a letter from their Therapist or Physician outlining the tasks their pup should be willing to learn. They must provide proof their pup has been enrolled in board and train or private training by the time they are 10 weeks old and their trainer needs to contact us before our team evaluates the litter.  Also, service dog qualified pups are matched to the job and owners do not get to choose their puppy.