​We start with AKC registered purebred dogs or Hybrid dogs from AKC registered parents. This assures we know their lineage and that we purchased them from reputable breeders who also care about their dogs. Our personal dogs are fed premium dog food and farm raised lamb, beef and pork. They are walked and socialized as a pack twice daily.

We consider them part of our family and treat them as such.They sleep in our room and somehow all manage to fit under the table at dinnertime. 


Stephanie B

Our new puppy from Jennifer had his first vet visit today. Our vet praised Jennifer and High Bred Hybrids as a fantastic breeder. The vet was very impressed with all the medical care and checking Jennifer does for her dogs to make sure the adult dogs are free from health issues typical of the Poodle and Newfoundland breeds. I feel so confident about the long term health of our puppy and so does our vet.

We have 2 of Jennifer's pups. Absolute attention to details,
From microchipping to potty pad trained. Wonderful puppy nursery as well.
Highly recommend these dogs and Jennifer as a breeder.
She really loves her dogs. Thank you for such wonderful

Allison T

The owner is very responsive to messages and happy to provide information. I will be getting a puppy from her in the spring.


The health of our dogs is of utmost importance. 

We genetically test our dogs for inherent disorders, X-ray their hips and certify their eyes before considering them for our breeding program. Our dogs receive quality care from our trusted veterinarians and are seen before, during and after pregnancy to assure they are in top health. We feed our pregnant mommies home cooked human grade food as well as high quality puppy food. We diligently check temperature and signs our girls are in labor. We are there with her when her babies are born to make sure she is secure and comfortable. We consider our dogs as our pets first. On occasion, they bless us with a beautiful litter of puppies that we can grow and love and share with you.