A lot goes into your puppy before they go home with you. Early training and socialization are important. Days after your puppy is born, we begin early neurological stimulation exercises with them. We practice Puppy Culture training and enrichment. All pups will learn how to use a doggy door which leads to their play yard.

Puppies go home with you vaccinated with first set of shots and also come with a health guarantee. Your new puppy package is full of quality toys, collar, nursery blanket, premium dog food and much more.


Base Price

$1600.00 Black male

$1800.00 Brown male


$200 for females

Irish Wollfadoodles

Base Price



$200 for females


$400 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space in choosing a puppy. 


Our property rests on the western slope of Colorado between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction. We understand it's not easy getting to our ranch to meet and pick up your new family member.  We have a few transportation options available to make receiving your puppy more convenient for you.

Delivery to Denver: We bring puppies to the front range and the Denver Airport when they are eight weeks old. This is usually close to the weekend or on a day that works for all new owners.  We determine a central meeting place based on location of all owners picking up their puppy on that day.

Cost for this service is $50.00

Cargo:  We will ship your puppy via air transport.  Please understand we will not send these fragile babies during the hot summer months.  We work with the airlines to find the shortest possible flight.  In some cases, this may not be your closest airport but a larger one that is within 2 hours of your home.  We will confirm with you before booking the flight.

Cost for this service is $50.00 for the crate plus shipping costs.

Flight Nanny:  You are welcome to hire a flight nanny who will carry your pup in the cabin with them and hand deliver your pup to you in your airport terminal.

Ground Transport: We offer cost sharing transport where we will personally drive pups to several waiting families and those parties share in paying for the expenses for the trip. You are also welcome to hire a professional transport service that is licensed to deliver your pup by vehicle.


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